What is AEOZO?

We are the new age of outlaws in town! With our unique approach and our creative vision, we work relentlessly to skyrocket the visibility of your brand and help you achieve your marketing objectives. Essentially, your ONE-STOP-SHOP Software and Marketing Agency. 🔥

The innovative wagon that is Aeozo has successfully assisted Public figures and Businesses across several industries ranging from energy, culinary, not for profits and healthcare among others; to cement their brands and establish themselves as a bigger, better player in their respective domains.

We grew from a small IT agency in Perth, Australia to New Zealand in the first quarter of operation! We are set for expansion in two new markets(which will be kept secret until the launch!)

What does the name mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Aeozo” means… Woah Woah wait a minute, according to any dictionary in the world “Aeozo” means nothing. We could’ve gone with any conventional name, but boy do we like to create things and it started with our company’s name! Aeozo can, however, be an abbreviation for A(Americas, Africa, Asia) E(Europe) OZO( Oz or Aussie Owned), an Australian business set to grow businesses around the world, probably Antarctica if it ever becomes habitable or if those Penguins need some marketing help.

Why are we different?

Our team is made up of culturally diverse individuals, that account for a wealth of global experience, technical competencies and a knack for innovation that propels our clients to unrivalled heights. Our unconventional approach and top-notch work ethic makes us a force to be reckoned with 👊👊👊 ( que Star Wars theme music in the background…). We have worked with the smallest startups all the way to the biggest brands in the world. We have worked with businesses from 30+ countries and campaigns worth millions of dollars in budget.