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About the Company

The company is a B2B supplier of plastic pallets, crates, and spill control products for various industries in Australia. They began their operations in 2009 and have locations in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Their product range includes a variety of plastic pallets, spill containment bundled pallets, and plastic crates that are designed to ensure the hygienic transportation of materials.

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Before implementing our targeted strategy, the client faced two main challenges:

  • Reaching out to new high-value prospective customers
  • Brand awareness


Based on a thorough market analysis and competitive analysis of the plastic pallet market, Aeozo developed the following targeted solution

Ad campaigns

We ran LinkedIn paid ads campaign for the client.

Although we spent slightly more than our intended budget due to a strong final day, we crushed our most important goals: high ticket value leads, and brand value

  • We had hoped for 20 to 25 leads, we blew well past that with 50 high-value leads
  • With our total ad spend of AUS$ 4,028.95 for those 50 leads, our cost per lead was only AUS$ 80.58 which is very less if compared to the client’s average ticket size range between AUS$ 1,000- 3,000.
  • At a cost of only AUS$ 671.50 per month for six months, this campaign delivered brand awareness to a targeted audience for half of a calendar year


  • Our leads generated a total value of AUS$ 1,50,000, which we believe is a testament to the power of LinkedIn.
  • Additionally, our AUS$ 7.76 cost per impression (CPM) was below LinkedIn’s estimated $8.39 CPM.
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