Not “A” Marketing Company, “THE” Marketing Company

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]We are a new marketing company in town! We have historically had huge success with our campaigns, we offer end to end marketing, sales and business development solutions, we build state of the art websites, Bla Bla Bla! Before we get to all of that, let’s begin with two stories that gave rise to one company, Aeozo! 

Nope, we don’t claim years of experience! Neither do we claim that everything’s ALWAYS been a success. It can’t be rainbows and sunshine always, can it? If you had spoken to our Co-founder Abhinav, about anything marketing related 3 years ago, it would be gibberish to the full-time computing engineer! He would’ve had no clue what would lie ahead of him after his computing degree. He first started out in one of the pilot teams at Byjus, a now billion-dollar company, previously a startup. After gaining valuable Sales and Business Development skills, he transitioned into a social media influencer. He built up APAC’s most-followed #1 as well as #2 Pokemon Go Community channels, which soon followed by a YouTube channel where he claimed a bronze level YouTuber status having been invited to multiple YouTube events at a national and global scale. Later he started working for a company that is a dream to many, if you guessed it right, Google! During his time at Google, he had the opportunity to work on campaigns of budding startups all the way to multi-billion dollar businesses. Here he gathered all the skills required for digital marketing, yet he lacked formal education in Marketing, which is when he enrolled as a Masters student at the University of Western Australia. 

While studying there, he had the opportunity to work with a lot of small and medium businesses in Perth. He helped these businesses identify and target their prime audience and build strategies and funnels for business owners, but he was missing out on a team. Does he find one? Let’s abruptly end this story before we answer that.

Our other Co-founder Isabella, having been here in Perth all her life knows how the market works like the back of her hand. At a very young age, she displayed leadership skills, and she engaged in a lot of entrepreneurial activities, one of which was a dropshipping store that saw huge success in the local market despite the existing competition. Creating and managing her own businesses allowed her to learn website development and creating sales funnels on platforms such as Facebook. Don’t be fooled by an easy jump to success, Isabella actively reminds us how many times she failed before she got it right. How many ad campaigns she ran, websites she designed and developed and sales funnels she had to tinker with until she saw her first glimmer of success. She has associated herself with a lot of non-profit organisations locally and actively participated in humanitarian activities. Coincidentally Isabella also has an ongoing cybersecurity degree and uses her technical and creative skills to build websites that get more traffic than Northbridge on a Monday morning! Being best at organising and managing teams and a bunch of people with a variety of skills working with her, and we’ll let you join the dots and why they started working together! 

At Aeozo, we combine our team’s global experience, technical skills and sometimes unconventional creative strategies to create custom marketing plans for our clients. We work with businesses from different industries, restaurants, healthcare, retail, public figures and loads of sustainability based projects! We are trying to contribute back even though we are still starting out! We work with more non-profits each month which help the homeless and the poor, and those that work towards conservation of forests, we are not just here to make a difference, “We are the difference”[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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