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About the restaurant

The restaurant, with its unique and royal experience of Mughlai food and culture, is the most authentic Pakistani restaurant in Perth.

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Before implementing our targeted strategy, the restaurant faced two main challenges:

  • Reaching out to new customers
  • Dependency on aggregator applications such as Uber Eats for new customers


Based on a thorough market analysis and competitive analysis of the local restaurant market, Aeozo developed the following targeted solution

Ad campaigns

We ran Google Map ads campaign.

  • We employed Google Maps advertisements targeted towards in-market audiences, featuring search keywords such as ‘Indian food near me’, ‘Indian restaurant’, ‘Mughlai food place’, and others. This allowed our client’s business to appear in local search ads when individuals search for relevant businesses on Google Maps or Google Search
  • With Google Map Ads, more than 1,400 local actions indicate visit the restaurant
  • In addition, we created a remarketing list to continue showing ads to past website visitors
  • With the emails we collected from ad campaigns, we continued to market to potential and current customers by sending weekly blasts. We achieved twice the industry average for open and click rates.


  • Using our solutions, the restaurant acquired 1,500 new customers for the restaurant within 12 months.
  • The client invested AUS$ 2,000 and in ROI was AUS$ 45,000 in 12 months.
  • The customer base has increased by 400% since the beginning of the campaign.

Our client skyrocketed its revenue by investing in marketing. If you want to achieve success for your own business, contact us.

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