The Importance of Blogging and Why You Should Do It

Nowadays, gaining access to information is as easy as one-click on Google search. From articles to blogs, we can get answers to almost every question we can think of. Just try to come up with a quick question and search it on Google, I’m sure there are websites that give the answers to you.

So, what does this mean for businesses?

The strength of blogging is relevancy. It allows you to express your opinion and share your knowledge that can help to solve the audience’s question, whether it’s a general question or a question related to the latest trend. The more you post on your blog, the higher the chances for your audience to find your website.

Do you see where this is going? Now, let’s link it to marketing.

Blogging can be utilised as a marketing tool, especially for startups and small businesses who are looking for organic growth. Aside from being able to gain audiences, a blog is important to have a strong presence on your webpage. Through blogs, you can also communicate and engage with the clients. Here are a few more reasons on why it is important to have a blog for your business:


1. Boost SEO

Search engine uses a web-crawler algorithm that ranks the site on the basis of various factors such as the inbound link or the time spent by the user on your webpage. It always looks out for quality content provided in your website that in return, it will help to improve your website’s rank. By posting relevant content, it will increase the range of keywords which helps to increase your website’s rank in the search engine (alias what SEO is all about!).

2. Strengthen Relationship with Customers

One of the key strengths of blogging is communication. By showing informative posts or videos, you can create curiosity that entices customers to learn more about it. Aside from sparking interests, posting consistently will help to connect with consumers and build trust in your brand. Blog’s comment section is also one of the reasons why blogging is important. Responding through comments will also improve your relationship and image with the customers.

3. Improves your Brand’s Position

Providing informative articles in your blog lead to discussions and knowledge sharing which increase the customers’ trust in your brand. Aside from that, valuable content will lead to more inquiries and higher conversion rate which would improve the brand’s position.

4. Connect with People

As it has been said before, one of the strengths that blog have is the power to connect with people. Writing blogs is a way for a brand to show its personality and ensure that customers are updated with the latest information. This will help in increasing brand awareness amongst customers as well as connections.

5. Drive Traffic

Social media plays an important role to drive traffic. By posting links to your blog on various social media platforms, it encourages your followers to click the link to your website. If they like or find your blog to be informative, they will share it to their followers and the cycle will repeat itself. As a result, your website reaches new audiences and gains traffic.

To sum it up, blogging helps to stay engaged with existing customers and reach potential customers. It’s always good to have your blogs on your website. However, if you don’t have a website, you can try Medium, a social media-like platform for all kinds of blogging purposes from amateurs to professionals. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start blogging and who knows your next customer might be one “blog” away from your website

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