Around the Globe With Aeozo

After starting with local projects our clientele quickly expanded across Australia. From there we found ourselves helping grow businesses all around the world!

Organisations we have been a part of

Our Co-Founder Abhinav, began his digital marketing journey where most consider a career goal, Google!

Many Aeozo team members have been apart of UWA's Progressive Energy Strategies, as we firmly believe sustainability is the future!

Our Co-Founder Abhinav, was an integral part of the Central Marketing team of WA’s oldest and only Go8 University!

What is now a billion dollar company and one of the biggest startups in India, was Abhinav’s first venture into the business world.

Abhinav started his Perth journey as a Marketing consultant for the global luxury real estate agency, Fine & Country.

Meet Our Team

The only difference between Quokkas and us, is that we smile all the time, because we are constantly coming up with light-bulb ideas, that help our clients surpass their Business goals. With a diverse team of individuals that comprise of a wealth of global experience, technical competencies and a knack for innovation, we have successfully helped public figures and businesses across different industries ranging from hospitality, culinary & healthcare, in climbing the ladders of success. Our strong stance on sustainability has also led to us working with several non-profit organizations that work towards the betterment of the society and the preservation of the environment.

We are not here to make a difference; we are THE difference!

Abhinav Bijavara Nagaraj


Co-Founder/ Search Scientist


Head Website Developer


Graphic Designer


Business Development Officer


Content Manager


Regional Head South Asia


Account Manager
Our Story

Isabella met Abhinav while interviewing him for a marketing position at a startup company. They didn’t end up working on that project together but after discovering they had similar goals and interests, they decided to work on some collaborative projects together. After spending time together freelancing and doing contract marketing projects, their work then morphed into a full-service digital marketing agency as they drafted their ideas on how they wanted to change digital marketing for the better and get into the business of growing other businesses.

Isabella primarily had experience working on website design and development and combining this with Facebook funnels to drive sales. Abhinav had previously worked at Google as an ads specialist and SEO expert. So their skillset perfectly complimented one other. After spending 6 months working on contract-based and freelance work they saw great success progressively in translating their strategies into results for their clients.

From here onwards, they have built up their own agency sticking to their original values of giving each and every client the same amount of care and quality work. No matter if it is a small startup business or a large franchise, Aeozo gives their absolute best to all the clients they work with.

We have ensured that we are result driven whether it be a business newly introduced to the
digital world or someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to leverage the benefits of marketing.

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