Meta ads boosted the reach of a fitness influencer

500x increase in reach

About the Client

The client is an Australian-based fitness influencer, personal trainer, and nutritionist; she uses her platform to transform her customer’s bodies and mindsets. With a strong community of dedicated followers, the client has made it her mission to inspire, educate, and guide thousands of individuals towards a healthier, fitter, and happier lifestyle.

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Before implementing our targeted strategy, the client faced two main challenges:

  • The lifestyle & fitness industry is a spam industry in Australia. The end customer needs to differentiate between authentic and fraudulent influencers. Our challenge was distinguishing our client from competitors and reaching females aged 25 to 44 in Australia.
  • The client wanted to increase online subscription sales without increasing the cost per acquisition of its regular marketing activity on Meta and increase revenue from existing customers.


Based on a thorough market analysis and consumer behaviour analysis, Aeozo developed the following targeted solution

Ad campaigns

We ran targeted Meta ads campaign for the client

  • Our initial step was to define the target market for our client and create a detailed customer profile in the digital realm.
  • Next, we conceptualized and crafted compelling copy that resonated with the values of the identified audience, which we then utilized to create a Meta advertisement and a corresponding landing page on the client’s website.
  • Additionally, we crafted a visually engaging design for the landing page, Meta posts, and Meta cover image to ensure a cohesive and appealing brand image across all digital platforms.
  • As part of our strategy, we guided our client on effectively using Meta Ad Manager to run an advertising campaign. We walked her through the platform’s mechanics and advised her on the most appropriate campaign budget and settings to optimize her campaign’s performance.

By equipping our client with these essential tools and insights, we aimed to ensure that her advertising campaign would effectively reach and engage the desired audience.


The campaign generated outstanding results and had a solid return on investment

  • The client spent AUS$ 10,303.62 on the Ad campaign and got an ROI of AUS$ 178,592 in 12 months.
  • The client received 3,281 orders for products in 12 months, up from 426 last year, with 20% being repeat orders.
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