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Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO means the process of improving your website to grow its visibility when people search for a product or a service related to your business on search engines. Since organic search is the most prominent way for people to discover and access their relevant content online, an effective SEO strategy is very essential to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to any website.

The best SEO company in Perth, AEOZO helps you to convert your traffic to leads, leads to prospects, prospects to clients, and clients to repeat customers with an effective SEO Strategy.

Is this also true in your case?

Let’s start with a plan and finish with results.

AEOZO provides you with workable and comprehensive SEO plans and strategies to lift your business to new heights and increase organic sales. Our experts are growing website audiences through the years, so they comprehend the language of search engines very well. With our result-driven Perth SEO services, you can rely on us to drive traffic to your website the right way and take your business to the next level.

Increase Revenue

The highest conversion rates are found from the traffic that is actively searching for your product or service. Tap into Google organic search results to increase the number of targeted visitors to your site.

Generate Maximum Leads and New Clients

Develop your website to attract visitors at the informational and transactional stages of the buyer journey.

Optimize Your Website for Money Keywords

In order to receive traffic from customers who need your product or service optimize your website to appear for keyword searches vital to your business.

Increase Ranking Ability

Outrank your competitors by developing a strong backlink profile and publishing authoritative SEO content.

Promote Long-term Growth

SEO services create extensive value for your website by improving technical performance, targeted traffic, and brand awareness.

Tested SEO Process That Works Every Time


Research in SEO includes business research, Detailed competition analysis, Site’s existing state evaluation, and most appropriate target keyword research.

Planning and strategy

Decisions about efficiently handling content, building quality website links, managing social media presence, and technical implementation strategies are included in planning and strategy.


In this phase optimization decisions on web pages and the website as a whole are executed practically.


The monitoring phase is where web spider activity, traffic, search engine rankings, and other metrics are looked at to generate reports that are evaluated well along.


Evaluation involves assessing the overall impact of the strategy (and its implementation) against the stated goals of the SEO process.


Where problems with the operation of the website, both minor and major, are dealt with as they arise (for example, new content that needs strategic optimization).


On-Page SEO

Your business needs ranking to grow, and our on-page strategies are exactly aligned with that. We increase your brand’s presence by optimizing meta tags & heading structures, boosting your site’s speed and writing engaging content.

Off-Page SEO

To increase your site’s position and traffic, we use creative off-page strategies to ensure that your website receives high-quality active links from high authority websites. Off-page SEO is an important factor in increasing your online visibility, and we are specialized in that.

Technical SEO

Technically optimizing your website, such as improving website load times and fixing development issues, will improve the user experience of your page. If your website users are happy, you can be sure that your sales will make you happier.

Link Building

Backlinks are a very important factor in ranking your website high in search engines. With that being said, you need a proper strategy for backlinks and that’s where best SEO services agency AEOZO comes into play. We have a dedicated link-building team that can maximize your backlink profile.

SEO Content Writing

we have a dedicated content writing department that creates rich SEO-friendly and winning content for your website. Whether it’s existing content that needs to be optimized or writing a new blog post, our expert content writers can cater to all needs and do it all.

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